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Keepsake serves one purpose – to deliver meaningful letters. πŸ’Œ

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Delivering meaningfulΒ 

Keepsake letters are meant to be more intentional and meaningful than your usual emails or chat messages.

🎀 Record audio and video with your letters.

Keepsake is your virtual β€œstorage box" for things close to the heart - a mailbox of memories. Messages you can see and hear would make them even better.

🎁 Gift your letters with QR Codes.

Attach the QR code anywhere - gifts, flowers, cakes, walls, and what not! You'll be notified when the recipient opens your letter.

πŸ“… Schedule your letters.

Send your letter when you want it, or let Keepsake decide for you. Keepsake letters are time zone aware and will always be delivered on time in any part of the world.

The perfect gift is a Capsule.

Need to send a bunch of letters to someone in one go or create a collection of letters to celebrate an event?
We've got you covered with Keepsake Capsule.

πŸ”— Create a collection of letters.

Capsules are time capsules of Keepsake letters. Share your Capsule's link with anyone so that they can contribute a letter.

🀫 Control your Capsule's privacy.

If you don't want your letter writers to see each other's letters, you can do that. If you want the recipient to be the sole person who can see the letters, that's possible too.

🎨 Personalize your Capsule.

Easily set your recipient's email, the delivery date, and the number of letters you need and let Keepsake do the rest.

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